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A child molester of young boys. The adult male who sits in the back row of a movie theater during a kids movie and then follows young boys into the bathroom with the intentions of looking at or touching the penis of a child.
When we were growing up my Mom would tell us to go to the movie theater in groups so as to discourage the 'pecker gangsters' from trying to molest us.
#diddler #pedophile #molester #pervert #sexual abuse
by Che Volay July 20, 2008
To visually express a thought in a clear, obvious and precise manner with your eyes.
To give the once over.
Visual-Opsis,Gk Articulate- Clear Sound
When a cartoon character’s eyes bulges out of his head… it's called opsisarticulate.
As the two beautiful girls walk across the dance floor they felt they were being opsisaticulated by the guys at the bar.

The only reason you watch HotforWords video lessons is to opsisaticulate Marina.

The frighten look in the child's eyes opsisarticulated his reaction to the scary movie.
#look #expression #emotion #reaction #onomatopoeia #visual #sound
by Che Volay October 21, 2008
Krummoppet- Young female that cleans tables.
The young actress had to work as a krummoppet until she got her first acting job.
#waitress. waiter. server #maid #attendent #hostess #maître d' #carhop
by Che Volay October 28, 2009
One who advocates the looking at women's breast (tits
chi chi Mex slang for tits
monger one who avocates
Stop staring at that girl you chi chi monger.
#tits #breast #pervert #gawker #eyeballing
by Che Volay July 13, 2008
Milk Out Your Nose Funny
Unexpected funny, surprisingly funny.
Pronounce like it's Yiddish Moy-nif
Initialism Acronym but also a word
More than just funny.
The first time I watched Marina's videos on You Tube I was surprised, it was not only funny it was moynf funny or that video was moynf.
My sister was not only laughing she was moynf laughing.
My mom's expression was moynf.
#more than just funny #super funny #very funny #unexpected funny #surprisingly funny
by Che Volay July 13, 2008
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