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A 'Mosher' is the name for people who listen to anything from rock-metal-deathcore and arent bothered if they're popular or not. They tend to hate chavs (who can blame them) and aren't obssessed with slipknot like most people make out. Not all 'moshers' have long hair and they wear any clothes that arent trackies. Overall they are very friendly unless your a chav and quite a few of them smoke, drink and take drugs but they don't do it to show off.
Mosher 1: *hug* Hi. have u heard suicide silence's new album yet.
Mosher 2: Yeh its fair good but i prefer all that remains newest album.
Mosher 3: Yeah but has anyone heard JFAC's new album.
Mosher 1 & 2: Yeah
(Chav walks up to them)
Chav: oy has any of you got a light
Mosher 2: I do
Chav: Can i have it
Mosher 2: No
Chav: Dickhead. i'm gonna get my uncle on you when he gets out of prison
by Chavhunter95 August 11, 2009
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