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fucking the log

stop ucoking teh log!
by chavez March 02, 2003
Nigger Entertainment Television
Hey Nig Nog, check out the dunkin' nig commercial on NET
by Chavez November 04, 2004
To Have sex with someone.. Flat out Fuck someone
Having sex with someone. Fucking your girl .
by Chavez October 02, 2004
A person who tells shaggy dog stories, which have no point and no reason for telling them. A Pepi usually is incoherent and confused most of the time, they are easily persuaded and convinced to believe mostly anything.
A Pepi is usually ugly and characterized by a small penis.
guy 1:That guys an idiot.
guy 2: ya he sure is a pepi.
by Chavez January 05, 2005

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