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n. The characteristic of having a single eyebrow across the forehead, much like the Sesame Street character Bert. Also known as unibrow.
Nick wouldn't be a bad looking guy if he'd only do something about his Bert Syndrome. Can't he get it waxed or threaded or something?
by ChatteringClasses July 25, 2009
n. Undergarment worn around the chest of a male, intended to provide support to male breasts.
Uncle Steve's man-boobs are larger than Aunt Sue's. He could use the support of a well-made brossiere.
by ChatteringClasses July 23, 2009
n. Ugly sandals that are inexpensive knockoffs of Birkenstocks.
Maya couldn't afford real Birkenstocks so she found some cork-soled Birkenfaux sandals in KMart that looked just like them.
by ChatteringClasses July 25, 2009
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