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Adj - 1. To fit the criteria of "Long-Haired Faggot" one must have a hair length that exceeds their eye-brows. Must also have an impeccable style and/or #Swaq about them.

Warning: "Long-Haired faggots" are commonly confused with folks with "Bieber Fever" but they are quite different. To tell them apart, see friend counts. If there is an absents of friends they are with the "Bieber Fever" bandwagon.

Verb - 1.To act like a "Long-Haired faggot" one must mindlessly but into conversations and through irrelevant points into arguments.

2. One may also walk with their head at a tilt to keep their "Gay-Long-Hair" out of their eyes.
eg. 'Cody Talking' "The other day Chase was being such a "Long-Haired Faggot!" He walked up to us when we were talking, with his head perpendicular to the floor, and was like "I wasn't even there!". We were talking about cookies...
by Chaseybug February 28, 2012

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