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Noun: 1. A female who is commonly known for engaging in sexual intercourse with multiple males in short periods of time. 2. A girl who is unfaithful to her boyfriend or husband.
I can't believe Sarah let Mark knock her up one night and then let Danny nail her the next night when she was going out with Terrence! What a groin hopper!
by Chase Cheffe August 04, 2007
The most masculine type of crotch that exists.

The penis is:
-Long, but not too long.
-Veiny, but not too veiny.

The balls are:

The pubes are:
"I wonder if girls like mountain dick..."

"What the hell is mountain dick?"

"Oh. Just imagine what a lumberjack's crotch looks like."

"HAHA. That's EXACTLY what I was thinking it was gonna be..."
by Chase Cheffe August 04, 2009
(rhymes with Christian) Noun: The name of a sexual foreplay procedure where one's fist is forcefully thrust into a female's vagina.
Tasha wasn't feeling pleasured by Daniel's finger, so he gave her the ol' fistian.
by Chase Cheffe August 12, 2007
A penis which, when erect, tends to curve downward in the opposite manner of a captain hook.
Jenn was disgusted when she witnessed Andrew becoming hard while his penis curved down, forming a skezz.
by Chase Cheffe August 04, 2007
Called immediately after someone calls "shotgun". Rather than getting the front passenger seat right away, you get it on the way home instead.
"Alright guys, let's get in the car."


"Oh man... Uuhhh... 'Shitgun!'"

"Ok you get the front seat on the way there and you get it on the way back."
by Chase Cheffe May 26, 2009
AKA "Baby J," this is a name used to refer to someone who is weak or scared. This name was derived from the "Johnson's" line of baby shampoo products.
"Come on man just ask her out already. Quit being a Baby Johnson."
by Chase Cheffe February 23, 2009
A bird call produced by repeatedly whistling from a high note to a lower note in quick intervals. It is easily distinguishable over other noises like people talking.
The auditorium was packed and noisy, but I could hear my friend's gomezbird over the din of the crowd.
by Chase Cheffe July 10, 2008

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