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One of the greatest old black and white movie stars that is still funny to whatch even though its er black and white. Charlie Chaplin was also the first man to make the first comedy of war. Also some of the movies you might of heard of was The great Dictator
Modern Times
The Gold Rush
Whoa I haven't seen a Charlie Chaplin movie in ages!
by Charlie Chaplin October 29, 2005
Somebody who goes on their computer and the first thing they do is check their myspace to see if anything is new

They do this about oh I don't know maybe 30 times a day
This is also known as CMU. A chronic Myspace User when first tries myspace feels great but now A chronic just sits all day waiting for a reply on Myspace.
Don't get me wrong Myspace.com is a great website it's just I don't want to become a Chronic Myspace User

by Charlie Chaplin October 30, 2005
Advance Brando Syndrome is when somebody overly impersinates Marlin Brando from the God Father as a joke but then it becomes a problem and every minute they act like Marlin Brando this is also known as ABS
Former Advance Brando Syndrome(ABS) victim

I guess this started back when I was young... Doing Robert Deniro impressions,a little bit of Joe Pecsi...then Brando ..........Im sorry this interview is over
by Charlie Chaplin October 24, 2005
Ok pretty much Van Dam Face means a serious face

The Van Dam part is based off the actor(dur)and he is serious in his movies (also dur)
Ok if you're going to trick somebody you have to have a Van Dam Face
by Charlie Chaplin October 29, 2005

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