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to scratch at your gentalia in public for a prolonged period of time, usually to impress a hot girl or smoking weed through a bong located in a black mans anus. both being equally pleasureful
"Look at Dan he can scratch narse like Denzel Washington."
"Homeless men will be scratching narse for money."
by Charlie Budd October 28, 2005
large hairy rodents that live on your balls. They may carry ballsnell. They are found in taxis so be afriad.
"Waoh those crabs are huge, Nigga those ain't crabs, theys dice eaters."
by Charlie Budd October 28, 2005
a very bad case of crabs,large pubescent lice with a taste for genitals,flat worms located in the urinary tract mostly found on elephants.
"Hey Gary you have a serious case of ballsnell you should get that looked at."
by Charlie Budd October 27, 2005

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