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Lobtser fused to a magnet bestowing strange powers.
"Lobster stick to magnet!"
by Charlie Brown January 28, 2003
When you run through an agricultural center butt naked and fuck as many animals as possible and not get caught.
Hey heres a farm, I'm gonna pull a Rob Schneider
by Charlie Brown May 12, 2003
when a chick takes out the douche, it makes a fart noise...thus a douching queef.
by Charlie Brown May 17, 2003
someone who has one normal eye and one squinty eye...
think popeye with originality
by Charlie Brown April 10, 2005
Large penis which will inflict pain on the female recipient during sex.
When having sex with girls brunetta cums in her mouth,he proceeds to punch her in the stomach while his load is in her mouth - causing the semen to come out her nose while she groans. creating two tusks and a sound like a walrus
That brunettas penis is a real cunt killer.
That brunettas penis is a real cunt killer
by Charlie brown September 28, 2013
When your little brother acts like a fuckin queer and wont give up his Blankie
by Charlie Brown May 28, 2003
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