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Being surprised by an extremely unpleasant odor.
I entered the bathroom right after Brent came out and the stink hit me like a punch in the nose!
by Charlie 361 May 25, 2011
noun; A condition of the penis easily mistaken for an erection; usually in the morning. It is crucial not to mistake the two where urination becomes quite painful after ejaculation.
At first, Carol was excited to see her husband of fifty years with an erection, sadly, she knew it was only a piss lump and would probably disappear after he relieved himself.
by Charlie 361 June 04, 2011
Adj: An individual, sometimes a terrorist, who is finally brought to justice.

Double tapped.
It's too bad Osama wasn't taken alive and thrown to the mobs in Times Square, instead, he was bin-ladened.
by Charlie 361 May 03, 2011

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