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Bloody Violin: is basically saying your gonna cut your self alot,
and the noise of your pain is the music from the instrument of your blade.
Random Guy #1:Hey so where did Ted go?
Random Guy #2:Dunno his friend said he was gonna go play the bloody violin, what ever that means
Random Guy #3: Face palm , you guys stupid , he's at home cutting him self . His arm is the violin and the blade is what makes the man cry out in pain, therefore playing the bloody violin.
by Charles with fire August 19, 2010
Means a male who has intercourse very very often, with different women everytime
Damn bro, stop dippin your nugget in everyone's sauce bro, you could catch somthing.
by Charles with fire June 07, 2010
A term to describe a fail paladin who has or just won a Armorpen trinket.

World of warcraft.
Wow fail, that guys such an arpadin R-tard , PALLYS DONT NEED ARMOR PEN!
by Charles with fire June 07, 2010

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