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2 definitions by Charles Roth

Term for a driver or passenger of a car/truck/&c who, while there is music on the stereo, stomps loudly or crisply on the floor, keeping the beat in the absence of an actual bass speaker.
"Dude, you hear that? It's a Mexican subwoofer, man!"

"Your system is pretty sick, even with the Mexican subwoofer."

"You broke-ass bitch! When are you gonna get rid of the Mexican subwoofer?"

"This whip's pretty awesome, well, other than the Mexican subwoofer."
by Charles Roth November 01, 2006
The romantic hero of America's financial ruin!
"Oh no, all the banks are closing...we're totally fucked...wait! Here comes Bailout Bill!"
by Charles Roth September 25, 2008