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Contrary to the opinion of many northerners, the south is not a place filled with rednecks drinking whiskey, playing banjos, sleeping with our cousins, and beating on black people. In fact, we are actually pretty tolerant, as a whole, of other races and religions (i would like to point out that the biggest riots when they integrated schools were in boston.) We also have a very unique culture including music and literature. A lot of great writers and musicians were from the south, such as B.B. King, William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, and Anne Rice. We also contribute to movies as well, since many great actors such as Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones hail from here. So biased northerners should get a clue, or maybe read Gone with the Wind, the most beloved work by an American author. It's by a dirty racist southerner, I hear.
If Pennsylvania was so much better than the south, why don't you just pack your bags and go back!
by Charles McCrory August 01, 2007
A variation of Mean Girls, Mean Gays are people who use their homosexuality to be scathing, bitchy, or all-around mean. Usually fashion gurus, Mean Gays travel the streets in packs, preying on people who are badly dressed or not aesthetically pleasing. TLC usually markets them on fashion shows.
-Hey man, can I come in?
-You look horrible, what's wrong?
-These mean gays jumped me on the sidewalk and insulted my shirt in high-pitched, giggly voices.
-Oh God. Here, let me get you some coffee.
by Charles McCrory September 01, 2007
Phrase used after someone else says something interesting, ridiculous, insightful, or annoying. Used frequently on the Sopranos.
Tony: Just catch a plane to Ma's funeral.
Janice: Oh sure, you can hop a plane anytime before all us working folk!
Tony: Whoa, Woody Guthrie over here!
by Charles McCrory August 03, 2007

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