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2 definitions by Charles Mann

Actually quite a good city. Has pretty much everything you need, and it's small enough to get to know your local chinese/chip shop guy. Plenty of things to do, and fun things too (gasp what a surprise). Don't believe what the other guy said about it, I've gotten far enough to afford broadband and a decent computer. And send my kids to private school. His definition is here Guilford. Really, you can't slag a place off if you can't spell it properly!
You wanna hit the clubs in Guildford?
Ahh, I went to the Guildford Spectrum the other day. Was good.
You know, Guildford is actually a city.
Zomg, that other guy spelt Guildford wrong.
by Charles Mann May 05, 2006
The Gibson SG is a very beautiful Guitar. Played by many greats, and often called a poor mans Les Paul, it is actually the Les Paul's replacement. (The Les Paul was so popular they had to reissue it.) Notable Gibson SG players include Jimi Hendrix, Tony Iommi and Angus Young. There are many different models you can obtain, including the Angus Young Signature SG, which is the AC/DC guitarists personal favourite.
Practical Uses Of The Word
"Phwoar that is one fine Gibson SG"
"Whats that guitar again? You know Tony Iommi's one?"
by Charles Mann February 27, 2006