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2 definitions by Charles Joseph Hurst the 2nd

A phrase used to describe the actions of someone at work who will doing anything to keep the boss happy, a total suckass.
Randy: So I was looking at boats online....
Chuck: That's fantastic! I've got a boat too!
Randy: Maybe you could show me....
Chuck: Absolutely! Here, (pulls out phone) look at these pictures of mine.
Randy: That boat looks a little small....
Chuck: It is, but we could go look at other ones.
Randy: That would be cool. Maybe you can come over afterward and I'll grill some food.
Chuck: Hell, I'll pick up the food and beer! We could have a party!
Randy: Yeah....
Chuck: Did I tell you earlier that your shirt looks very nice?
Randy: No, but thank you.
Chuck: No problem.
Man outside room: Man Chuck sure is HuffingDonnie on Randy today.
2nd man outside room: Just today? Shit, he does it everyday! I think there's something more going on there.
1st man: Like what?
2nd man: I think Chuck is in love with Randy.
1st man: Wow. That's gay.
2nd man: Yep.
by Charles Joseph Hurst the 2nd July 15, 2012
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what mexicans say to each other when they want to engage in gay ass sex with one another. also used by mexicans to find a gay person in a crowd.
Jose: I was picking berries last night, hombre
Juan: I was dreaming of a clean bathroom
Jose: Oh muchacho....
Juan: Si Jose, let's go to my place...

Alberto: Man, there's alot of people here today.
Ramon: I know. I've never seen these many Mexicans before.
(starts walking thru the crowd)
Alberto: Muchacho? Muchacho?
(skinny mexican turns around)
Skinny Mexican: Si
Ramon: Our lucky day Alberto.
Alberto: Muchachos!!
by Charles Joseph Hurst the 2nd June 25, 2012
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