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A phrase used to describe the actions of someone at work who will doing anything to keep the boss happy, a total suckass.
Randy: So I was looking at boats online....
Chuck: That's fantastic! I've got a boat too!
Randy: Maybe you could show me....
Chuck: Absolutely! Here, (pulls out phone) look at these pictures of mine.
Randy: That boat looks a little small....
Chuck: It is, but we could go look at other ones.
Randy: That would be cool. Maybe you can come over afterward and I'll grill some food.
Chuck: Hell, I'll pick up the food and beer! We could have a party!
Randy: Yeah....
Chuck: Did I tell you earlier that your shirt looks very nice?
Randy: No, but thank you.
Chuck: No problem.
Man outside room: Man Chuck sure is HuffingDonnie on Randy today.
2nd man outside room: Just today? Shit, he does it everyday! I think there's something more going on there.
1st man: Like what?
2nd man: I think Chuck is in love with Randy.
1st man: Wow. That's gay.
2nd man: Yep.
by Charles Joseph Hurst the 2nd July 15, 2012
what mexicans say to each other when they want to engage in gay ass sex with one another. also used by mexicans to find a gay person in a crowd.
Jose: I was picking berries last night, hombre
Juan: I was dreaming of a clean bathroom
Jose: Oh muchacho....
Juan: Si Jose, let's go to my place...

Alberto: Man, there's alot of people here today.
Ramon: I know. I've never seen these many Mexicans before.
(starts walking thru the crowd)
Alberto: Muchacho? Muchacho?
(skinny mexican turns around)
Skinny Mexican: Si
Ramon: Our lucky day Alberto.
Alberto: Muchachos!!
by Charles Joseph Hurst the 2nd June 25, 2012

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