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a particularly soft cunt (vagina) only eaten on the Sabbath or special holidays.
John got wine-drunk with Suzy on Manischewitz Friday night--getting his first taste of challacunt; unfortunately, they slept in all day Saturday and he couldn't have a second helping until the following Friday.
by Charles Dick-in July 31, 2011
1. a cunt (either a vagina or a nasty person) that is only for the select few.
2. a cunt that is kept private or confidential.
1. Dave: "Did you know Emily has only slept with two guys?"
Bob: "Yeah. She's so esocuntic."

2. Patricia is so esocuntic she keeps her vagina under lock and key.
by Charles Dick-in July 31, 2011
to take something from a cunt.
1. to remove a foreign object (tampon, dildo, etc.) from a vagina. 2. to seize a prized possession from a woman (or man) who is being particularly cruel or mean; example: John cuntfiscated Sister Mary's favorite book after she beat him across the back with a metal ruler because his school shirt wasn't properly tucked in.
by Charles Dick-in July 31, 2011
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