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People who wander around their neighborhood looking for something to do on Friday nights. This could include a band, gang or group of friends. The group usually missions for food, climbs/mounts buildings, and infiltrates illegal areas.
Band Member 1 "Yo, what are the Friday Knights doin' tonight?"
Band Member 2 "Lets mount some shit. Lets break into the school"
Band Member 1 "Nah B. Lets mission throught the sewers"
by Charles D. 3 May 08, 2006
A phrase of disbelief, or sarcastic belief, which, when pronounced correctly, will convey an insulting yet humorous "as if" effect.
Kayla: Hey Dan, what are you making for dinner?
Dan: Surebuds Swayla! Im ordering a battle pizza, then scrapping you at vidja games!
Kayla: Surebuds Dan!
by Charles D. 3 March 08, 2011
To travel to a local park to smoke marijuana. This is often used in secrecy when parents or people who do not approve of smoking are in earshot.
Charles "What do u want to do?"
Kirk "Lets go to the park. I have a J you can bun."
by Charles D. 3 May 08, 2006

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