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3 definitions by Charface

The resulting product of an emptied "Middleton" Black and Mild cigar, that has had the carboard insert removed and contains a mixture of the original tobacco and marijuana.
Let's roll up some black and mizzles and take them to the bar.
by Charface March 09, 2004
The new network/website that was created when the networks "TechTV" and "G4" were combined on May 28, 2004.

Results created mass flaming and spamming on both forums.
I know it's G4techtv.com, but I'm still going to call it G4.
by Charface May 26, 2004
The act of sitting on a bench.
"It was such a nice day I had to do some gumping in the park."
by Charface April 05, 2004