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Drinking and probably getting drunk on a Tuesday, not because you plan to go out, just because...
Nick: Why are you guys drinking right now?
Jeff: It's 5:20 dawg.
Chapstick: And it's Twisted Tuesday?
Nick: I'm in!
Jeff: Grab a beer
Nick: I'm gonna make a Red Boston.
Chapstick: Make two!
by Chapenstein February 28, 2012
A joint made from pepper. Used to practice rolling a joint or to play a prank on someone. Can also use other substances such as oregano, hot chocolate, or tea.
Jeff, you've never had a pepper joint?
by Chapenstein May 05, 2011
Similarly to 4:20, the official time to begin drinking. Only applicable during weeknights as any time is the right time to drink on weekends.
Jeff: Want a beer dood?
Chapstick: ...This early in the day?
Jeff: It's 5:20, dawg
Chapstick: Oh ok, I'll have one.
by Chapenstein February 28, 2012

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