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An exclamation of surprise, either used in a defeated manner, or in a manner of pride. In many cases the H in the Oh can be drawn out for effect; for example: "Ohhhhhhhhh BITCH i just spanked yo monkey ass!"
Defeated Manner: "Oh Bitch! I just got my ass kicked! *Starts crying*, "

Manner of Pride: "Oh Bitch! Someone just got MOLLYWHOPPED!"
by ChapMelf November 05, 2004
A massive amount of skills, also the cool way to spell skills, for all you n00b L00zE12s out there. Often referred to as,if not typed: "I got Sqillz, yeah, that's with a Q and a Z at the end, bitch."
That guy's got Sqillz!
Yo I got mad sqillz son!
by ChapMelf April 16, 2004
Online Crack
Games like "Everquest", (also known as never-sex) pale in comparison. Games like "Halo" can be played on this program.
Outlet for nerds to make themselves feel better by becoming self-proclaimed 1337 }-{@x0rZ.
Also a rather effective form of birth control.
And a way to ensure that your kid has something to do other than drugs.
"Heya Billy! I just hooked up your XB Connect!"
"Yeah! now I can get really stoned and play Halo all day!"
"Hmm this didn't work out the way I planned..."

Hot Girl: "hey baby, let's go bang..."
Dan: "I don't need you, i got my X box controller and my gunner seat. Vibrate: *waves hand* Gooooood" (Camp Chaos)
by ChapMelf April 16, 2004

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