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1.when playing a game of pool, if someone shoots a horrible shot and misses.
2.when playing pool, if a person shoots crazy into the balls and makes a insanse shot.
1.he almost won then he shot a bacto.
2.oh my god, i cant believe he beat me, it was all because of that bacto shot.
by Chaostrophy February 25, 2004
another word for baby or small child, usually used as an insult..
that waterhead would not stop crying and their mom thought it was cute.
by Chaostrophy February 25, 2004
TG is a abbreviation for the band Throbbing Gristle, founders of industrial music. often used by rivetheads...
Have you ever heard the TG song "Zyklon-B Zombie"?
by Chaostrophy February 26, 2004

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