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Stands for Oh, my god! What the fuck? Barbecue.
Could be used in any number of ways as just an exclamation of surprise, victory, shock, or disgust. On the scale of words, it is "what the fuck" taken to it's maximum extreme.
Commonly used in 6 ways:
1)An exclamation after seeing something, and you just can't beat the images out of your eyes.
"OMGWTFBBG, I just saw my parents having sex! *cries*"
2) Is used when someone, or something, in or out of a video game dies horribly and instantly, typically involving a firey death.
"I saw this gnome sleeping in a field of dry grass, so I casted a flamestrike on him and he was like OMGWTFBBQ dead.
3) Is used in extreme cases of surprise like if your parents randomly bought you an X-Box. "OMGWTFBBQ, I just got $1000 back on my tax refund!"
4) used mockingly when disgusted by leet speak.
"noob: OMG U R Teh Suxx0rz, I R l337!111!!"
"normal person: OMGWTFBBG, go read a dictionary, nubcake."
5) Used when you see something completely out of the ordinary, typically disgusting, and are confused as hell.
Such as finding a dead rat on your pillow. "OMGWTFBBQ, someone shit in my Cheerios!"
6)Lastly, suddenly finding a barbecue picnic in the middle of nowhere.
"OMGWTFBBQ, can I have a burger?"
by Chaosmastermind May 13, 2008
1) Someone who's IQ is below sea level.
2) Someone so ignorant, stupid, annoying, or lame that they are drowning in their own stupidity.
3) The very bottom of the food chain, below pond scum.
"Oh my god, Joe is such a scuba noob!"
"That's retarded; Don't be a scuba noob."
by Chaosmastermind December 12, 2007
1. To take something quickly when someone isn't looking; to steal. Typically something of low value.
2. To sneak and wiggle into a restricted area.
3. To achieve something intangible against all odds, such as stealing victory, through often humorous or unbelievable means.

1. "OMFG, did you just sniggle one of my french fries?"; or "He totally sniggled the last piece of pie out from under me!"

2. "My outdoors cat sniggled her way into our house through a hole in the ceiling, after she bounced off of a towel rack and a space heater, I don't have the heart to put her back out."

3. "I sniggled a victory in battlegrounds when everyone else mysteriously disconnected."

by chaosmastermind March 03, 2008

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