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Mouthpiece for the Republican Party.
Fox news uses Republican Party talking points as news headlines and often runs headline "The Dems are at it again"
by Chaos General July 17, 2004
Reverend, former Republican Party Presidental candidate, 700 Club host. Also a crazed person whose said the bible says that god will defeat communism and that Islam is an evil religion. Also known to spin news at CBN to favor him and conservatives in general which was proven in the documentary "Spin". Also had a pray-a-thon in hopes that liberal supreme courts judges would leave their posts. And has said and done many crazed things so many you could write a book about it... wait THEY DID!
People actually supported Pat Robertson's presidential run in 1988! No Really! What The @%+>#!!!
by Chaos General July 17, 2004
Getting crazy stupid drunk.
If I were to drink 2 40's, a fourth a bottle of jack daniels, a fourth bottle of 151, another 40, then a corona in a short period of time that would be a yak attack.
by Chaos General June 13, 2004
Beyond a yak attack. Drinking the most one has ever drank.
Man I drank so much it wasn't an attack it was a damn near yakacide.
by Chaos General June 13, 2004

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