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An attractive girl.
"Guys, I spotted a whole swarm of rockets on my run this morning. Must've been the swim team."

1:"Was she cute?"
2:"Hells yeah, son, she was a total rocket."

"This town must have a rocket factory somewhere, these girls are beautiful!"
#rockit #rocket factory #babe #zinger #ten
by Chandler1984 March 15, 2009
N. Deceitful social technique used by nubile young twenty-somethings to introduce potential suitors to their friends.

This technique involves an attractive woman hitting on a man. She is the lure, dangling in front of the prey. When the man is significantly invested in the conversation, the woman introduces her friend with the glandular problems and lazy-eye(s). The attractive woman (the bait) disappears and the switch is complete.
Poor Steve found himself a rocket, but she pulled the ol' bait n' switch on him and now he's stuck over there with that tugboat friend of hers.
#rebait n' switch #rocket #tugboat #decepticunt #bait-n-switch #bate-n-switch #bate n' switch
by Chandler1984 March 15, 2009
Any place where beautiful women are known to congregate.

Eg: The gym, a yoga/pilates class, girl's college.
"Guys, you need to get to the mall right now! It's a total rocket factory in here! Rockets everywhere, dudes!"
#rocket #marina #rockit factory #rocket factry #chickie shack
by Chandler1984 March 15, 2009
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