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A form of IRC troll consistently looking for pornographic movies of Asian women dressed as schoolgirls. Has an unhealthy obsession with Natalie Portman and is traumatised due to the deleting of a pornographic movie involving Asian women dressed as schoolgirls and possibly Natalie Portman.
<Sliv> i am that guy that WILL marry natalie portman fool

<Sliv> its my fav. got Natalie Portman in it

<Sliv> i'd have almost all her movies on dvd if mars attack wasnt so poo

<Sliv> i had a girl nervous japanese school girl vid from walan, but i deleted it, mistake, mistake.
by ChanOP March 20, 2003
Sexy ass hunk with massive pee pee and he tounges my balls and fucks my shitter :))))
* GTS-Skyline licks ur ring
by ChanOP April 09, 2003
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