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A term or scream used by a women during the act of sexual intercourse. Mostly used out of excitement or during a pleasurable experience. This term can also be shouted by men cheering on their favorite sporting team after a victory, or when in a quiet atmosphere just to be obnoxious.
" Haaaaoooyeeeahhh! Fuck my pussy! It hurts so good!
by Champ23 July 29, 2009
A Scandalous Triflin Hoe. A Scifho mostly pertains to women, one who..is loud and annoyingly obnoxious, dresses skimpy, frequently cheats and lies, continuously spills her drink, and will text you all night to sleep with you. A Scifho is also one who sits on every guys' lap and is up to no good and acts whorish.
Swens- "Hey glock, Look at that fuckin Scifho!"

Glock- "SCIFHO!"
by Champ23 September 29, 2009

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