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4 definitions by Chaide

A method of Sexual Abuse. A fetish of sorts. Method: Anal Sex proceeds between a man and a woman. While in the midst of the initial action, a sharp punch is delivered to the female's stomache by the male. In doing so, the rectum tightens so much, that when the penis is pulled out, the retal innards are removed with it. This "inside-out" rectum is referred to as the "Red Sock".
*hot anal sex*
Male: Bitch! *punches womans stomache and pulls out penis HARD*
Woman: Oh no! The red sock strikes again!
by Chaide September 15, 2003
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Expression used when excitement ensues.
Hooray for Pokey!
by Chaide September 16, 2003
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Another form of "Hooray!" with 'uh' in place of the 'ay'. Used in place of 'Hooray' when extreme excitement proceeds.
Hooruh! There is enough punch and pie for everybody!
by Chaide September 15, 2003
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When the 1337 internet lingo breaks the boundaries of computers and is incorporated into verbal language.
Woman: I hate you!
Man: "OH EM GEE"!
*punches woman in face*
Man: You love me!
by Chaide January 22, 2004
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