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The act of smashing the same woman as one of your bro's. A more suitable name for Eskimo Brothers. The first friend to bang the Penis Princess is obviously Mario, while the second person to get inside is Luigi. Regardless of each mario versus luigi title, the two guys are Super Smash Bros--a bond that they will share forever.

If you happen to be a Super Smash Bro, it is your duty as a Super Bro to make sure that the other bro isn't catchin feelings for the Penis Princess. These bitches are rollers, rollin from guy-group to guy-group, bangin bro after bro. It is important to only think of these girls as Super Smash Hoes- more specifically: just a hole to stick your dick in.
"Did you hear about Mark taking Hillary to Pound-Town in the bathroom at that party last night?"

"Ya dude, what a hoebag. She was just getting boinked by Mark's best friend Tony the weekend before."

"Looks like Mark and Tony are even better friends now: they're Super Smash Bros."

"Yeah, it sucks its Hillary though... she is quite the Super Smash Hoe."
by ChadwellM7 November 08, 2011

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