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A silly person.
Your such a kl0wn!
by Chadd August 30, 2003
A new samurai, takes out Italian Scum
Ghost Dog, take out that Super Mario with ur Ak 47
by Chadd March 18, 2004
A french last name created in the long time ago by the beaubeaux forefather. He was an incredibly savage man who had six intelligent and successful children with his beautiful wife. This led to a re-definition of the last name beaubeaux to mean intelligent, handsome/beautiful, strong-willed, and kind. After his descendents left France to come to America, they changed the spelling to Bobo so the grammar-stupid Americans could pronounce it.
(Old woman speaking)That beaubeaux got my family out of the depression!
by Chadd February 25, 2005
Getting hacked non stop and denying it then threatening to goto your house and "stomp your fuckin skull to the back side of your fuckin pickup truck"
—› quit: (angeldog)(Read error: Connection reset by peer)
by Chadd June 26, 2004
A spazz, someone who is retarded;You act like you fill sorry for them, but talk shit behind there back.
Damn Ben Dungan is a Retardilio, lets through rocks at him. OK
by Chadd March 18, 2004
Of course, its a Mexican.... But this word is kind of like the new "ese" for the Vato'z ( Mexican Gangsta )
Mexican One: What up Bean-Boy.
Mexican Two: MRPHHH!, damn right. (Mrphh is a fart)
by Chadd March 18, 2004

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