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Nickname for entreprenuer Donald Trump; As used on NBC's "The Apprentice"
Well, looks like The Donald has fired someone again tonight.
by Chad "1m" Mosher June 11, 2004
According to Outkast's song, "Roses", what you need to divide the time it took to look inside and realize that real guys go for real "down-to-Mars" girls.
"Even though, you need a golden calculator to divide the time it took to look inside and realize that real guys go for real "down-to-Mars" girls."
by Chad "1m" Mosher June 07, 2004
A wonderful children's kid game show that evolved into Super Sloppy and Family versions. Hosted by Marc Summers, the show ran from 1986-1992 on Nickelodeon and FOX (in 1988.) All versions currently air on Nickelodeon Games and Sports.
I watched Double Dare on Nick GaS last week.
by Chad "1m" Mosher June 14, 2004
n. A professional wrestling company under the guidanced of the NWA orginazation owned by Jerry Jarrett created in the summer of 2002 to combat World Wrestling Entertainment.(See WWE.)

Acronym: National Wrestling Alliance Total Nonstop Action

Alternate spellings: NWA-TNA; NWA: TNA; NWA TNA; N.W.A.T.N.A.
"NWA-TNA is really an exciting wrestling company!"
by Chad "1m" Mosher May 20, 2004
An abbreviation for popular the hit game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?", debuting in August of 1999. It was hosted by Regis Philbin from 1999-2002 on ABC. It was made into syndication in 2002 and has been hosted by "The View's" Meredith Viera.
John Carptener won the first $1,000,000 prize of "Millionaire
by Chad "1m" Mosher May 20, 2004
A talented newcomer most noted for her single "Another White Dash"
Butterfly Boucher sings "Another White Dash", my favorite song.
by Chad "1m" Mosher May 30, 2004
An alternate spelling of coot, the abbreviated version of cooter. See also kooter.
I shaved my koot last night.
by Chad "1m" Mosher May 29, 2004
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