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A Drunk Asshole is a male who goes to parties and gets too drunk too fast. If he is there with a date he will become inflamed with jealousy very easily. He will then proceed to try to pick fights with every other male at the party. When its time to leave or when people become tired of listening to him talk in general he will steal alcohol to take home so that he can get progressively more intoxicated. A Drunk Asshole will then pass out in the car still clutching his stolen booze and to cap the night off he'll tell his date that she likes to fuck dogs.
Last night at the party Steven was being a Drunk Asshole look it up on urbandictionary.com to see what he did.
by Chachilovesthenightlife October 30, 2005
A Lurker is like a creep he is the kid that sits in the back of your anatomy class. He has large but sunken in eyes,greasy hair, a pasty complexion, and a crooked smile. When he laughs he sounds like he's hissing. He also offers you rides home to and from school even though he lives 15 miles out of the way. But thats ok because he never sleeps. His biggest fantasy is to be your number 1 stalker.
"Look at that goddamn Lurker, get out of my Art Room Lurker."
"I'm not turning my back to you for one second Lurker."
by Chachilovesthenightlife September 30, 2005

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