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Definition of 'midgey':
a midget

just a weirder name

Definition of 'midge':
a short cuddly individual who makes the lives of lots of people a whole lot better by their midginess.

Combining both definitions...
Midgey midge: A short wierd cuddly individual

Usually migrates north occasionally when the time is right.

Usually lives in the south of England.

Sometimes dresses in red depending on the time of year.

Can often have terrible body odour.

The daughter of the Lesbian Ruth.
On the way to Pam's house...
Deepthroat V: "We've lost someone in the bushes again. They might get caught by the police!"
Shaniqua: "Fuck the po po. Run dawg."
Tyrone: "Don't worry, it's only MIDGEY MIDGE..she'll find us soon!"
Pubehead: "Oh I found her... she was stuck in the pubes on my head!"
by Cessticles December 15, 2009
The action that is often used when taunting Lesbian Ruth during the Lesbian Ruth song.

The whole right fist is clenched except for the little finger which begins erect. The little finger is slowly clenched while making the noise 'puuuuueeewwww' with ones mouth.

This is to symbolise the effect Lesbian Ruth has on some men.
*finger action* puuuueeewwwww
by Cessticles December 17, 2009
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