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A keenspace web-comic by Artist Dina Stu, with slight shonen-ai and yaoi themes. Has a cute gecko in it.
by Ceres August 21, 2005
A keenspace web-comic by Canadian artist, Kelly Barrie. Yaoi with Vampires and bishounens.
OMG, did you read Arcana!?! Vincent is uber hot!
by Ceres August 21, 2005
Someone who is pursuing a person who is out of their league.
Oh she'll never go for him. He's a total stumpfucker.
by ceres March 31, 2014
An extremely ugly and/or large person.
Or Butt-fucking ugly.
"Wow! Did you see that bufuggalo? Her acne and stretchmarks made me want to puke!"
by Ceres June 10, 2005
Original Cast Racording- Musicals mainly
Did you hear the Chicago OCR?
by Ceres June 05, 2005
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