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(1) Is a guy a woman puts into the "friendship zone" in order to do "couple" type activities (i.e., movies, dinner, etc..) with even though she has no intentions of ever dating him or sleeping with him.

(2) Is a guy who hopes to "friendship" his way into some pussy with a girl that doesn't really like him more than just friends.
Joe: "Hey Man, I'm going out with Julie again this weekend, I really hope it leads to something more, I really like her."

Jeff: "Joe...stop wasting your time with her. Its been a year already and you haven't even kissed her yet! You're just her little 'Time Hoe'! You are her take me to the movies 'Hoe'; come kill this mouse 'Hoe'; help me with my bags 'Hoe'; let me cry on your shoulder about all the other guys I'm fucking 'Hoe'! You're just her Time Hoe, Buddy Boy! She using up your time to make other guys jealous... Get rid of her!"
by Centaur December 25, 2012
psdgosdfp9gasd9f9g0asdf945k, jesus fucking christ howmany fucked up things have you made on this site holland you are the gayest fucking nerd man, btw hows are things with you and danny i hear you get along quite well outside the boys toilet at kenmore high. i mean seriously hanging around with danny you're more pathetic than i thought holland.
"psdgosdfp9gasd9f9g0asdf945k" this is a part of holland's alien language
by centaur April 23, 2005

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