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When a male picks up a female substantially more attractive than all his previous efforts in women.

(Derived from the English gentleman’s sport of Cricket)
Terrance: Did you see Ugly Bob’s lady friend?!

Phillip: I did! He’s batting above his average for sure!

Terrance: Pull my finger Terrance!
by Cen Bousins February 25, 2009
AKA Melbourne, Australia.

Currently run by Mayor Robert Doyle. Little Robbie sits extremely right and has publically announced he hates bogans – such irony as bogans too are a racist lot, predominately have white skin, often have low to no social morals and live only for the next cash injection.

People often waste valuable breath comparing Melbourne and Sydney.

Visit both and you will see why travellers are begging for the time they wasted in Sydney back.
"We lose confidence glued to computer monitors
World's apart within a few kilometres
Anonymous expats drifting through the metropolis
Close my eyes and vision a new apocalypse
Revenge of the everyday folk, burn down the city and regenerate growth
Watch the flames rise like the end of Waco
Skyscrapers fall in a breath of grey smoke
What happened to the corner stone, you don't celebrate or support your own?
There's no tolerance to those who walk below
Burn City - the city that I call my home" - Pegz
by Cen Bousins March 18, 2009
A sexually suggestive text message, usually used when flirting with the opposite sex. Named after the dirty texting king Shane Warne.
*beep beep, beep beep*
Dave: That a Warney?
Scott: Yeah, it’s Danielle asking what I’m up to later.
Dave: Thank ya mumma!

John: Mate, you have to get off the phone! You on the Warney’s or something?!
Angus: Yeah mate. Trying to tee up Rodney’s wife
by Cen Bousins February 25, 2009
Stands for: Australian Football League.

Invented in the late 1800’s and is currently the most popular ball sport in the country.

AFL is predominantly played in Victoria, Tasmania, NT, Western and South Australia while the other two states lick the under-side of their grandad’s ball sacks watching evolution pass them by.

New South Welshman and Queenslanders have a hard time understanding the sport due to their massive inbred gene pool and large brain injuries from playing a sport they are so fond of called ‘Rugby’ (from what I gather, you grab the ball and run as hard as you can at other men instead of around them? Cheers. You are all meatheads).
Person 1: Hey mate, I am going to watch the footy
Person 2: Ith it Pawammatta versz’s the Manwy Sea------- *gets bitch slapped*
Person 3: Not RUGBY you mongoloid Queenslander he means AFL!
Person 1: Nice. He deserved that… now lets leave before he wakes and tries to eat us
by Cen Bousins March 12, 2009
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