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5 definitions by Cellalola

The feeling a germaphobic person gets when they see hand sanitizer, a strong, unbreakable, attraction.
P1: (sees hand sanitizer) OOH! HAND SANITIZER!
P2: Man, leave your stupid sanittraction behind and get over here!
P1: No...I can't...
by Cellalola August 01, 2011
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When something is somewhat funny. Not quite laugh out loud, but definitely honorable mention.
P1: That's what she said. (They've said this 25 times today)
p2: Okay, man, that's starting to get heheish. Come on.
by Cellalola August 01, 2011
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Comes from the musical term "Allegro". Basically meaning neutral and flexible.
P1: Wanna hang Saturday.
P2: Sure, my schedules Allegrolistic.
P1: Great, see ya then.
by Cellalola August 01, 2011
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Largonistic comes from the word "Largo", which is a musical term to describe the tempo and mood of the music. Largo is slow and romantic and dreamy. So when somebody is Largonistic, it means their head is in the clouds.
P1: I'm in love...and we're going to get married on the beach...
P2: You just met this guy. You're so largonistic!
by Cellalola July 30, 2011
1 3
Something to say during a large awkward silence. Often gets a laugh, and is a great conversation starter.
P1: So yeah...thats what happened...
(Awkward silence...)
P2: Meanwhile in Vegas...
by Cellalola July 30, 2011
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