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A charictor from the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She is the ruler of all of Equestria along with her sister Princess Luna. Celestia is responsible for raseing and lowering the Sun each day.

More than 1000 years ago she was faced with the tough task of having to exile her sister Luna after she had fallen to darkness because she felt like no one loved her. Because of this Celestia is often portrayed in the Brony fandom as being a troll who sends people to the Moon for fun. This is known as Trollestia

Thanks to a popular fanfic, Celestia is also seen as a molester known as Molestia. Because she had to exile her sister to the moon and rule alone for a 1000 years, she is automatically deemed a Tyrant, even when no one can prove so.

She has her own faction of the Brony fandom called the Solar Empire and along with her sisters fan faction the New Lunar Republic, continue to be a strong debate among bronies.
From what i have observed in Season 1 and 2. I don't see why people make Princess Celestia to be so negative. I don't see the need as to why people do so.
by CelestiaIsBestPony May 29, 2012

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