3 definitions by Ceebz

Another term for the band Avenged Sevenfold, a unique mixture of hardcore and metal with musical talent beyond comparrison shown on songs such as "I wont see you tonite Part 1"
I saw a7x play the othernite and it was crazy. I had never seen a larger crowd nor heard better music.
by Ceebz March 15, 2004
A sex move invented by Alex Dunleive, in which you put ur hand in the spock position, but cross the two pairs of fingers together
the barbed wire is one freak nasty move
by ceebz July 12, 2004
two in the poo, one in the goo
two in the stink, one in the pink
A fine variation of the shocker, mixing it up to maximize 'stink' action
she didnt shit right for a week after i gave her the remix
by ceebz July 12, 2004

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