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Extremely high off indica weed. Indica has muscle relaxers and natural pain killers which gives you a major body high, when you have a major body high you feel like your numb, heavy, relaxed, calm, and/or tired. When your indica high(say you smoked some purple kush) you will be sitting on the couch heavy as a stone(hence the "stone" in stoned), also it can blur your vision and give extreme euphoric feelings and elevated thinking.
If you are high on sativa weed it wouldn't be a stoned type of high it would be more head high, head highs are more about thoughts then feelings in your body. The euphoric aspect of sativa is a lot less intense than indica. The feelings of sativa are upper related, sensitive touches feel great, you feel light as a feather(hence the word high, meaning people feel like they are floating), hyped, energetic, and/or awake.
1.Ay Cuhz I'm stoned as fuc!
2.Dude! Wow! I'm so stoned i cant get off the couch man!
3.Orale, I homez i need to get stoned.
by CeeCrazzy July 13, 2009

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