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Intervention designed to make the addicted person to understand life exist outside of face book.By using a professional facilitator with real friends and family who love and want their face bookie to come home to reality
I love Patti so much I had to have this facebookintervention to make her understand we are all sick of her stupid post,and to come back to us her husband and dogs Gus and Rufus.
by Ceabel July 05, 2012
The act or strong desire to have sex with a zombie either with its head blown off or not.
I think Marvin is into necrozombia . While watching Dawn of the dead he became sexually aroused and started masturbating . That's sick Tim said at least he is not gay.
by ceabel February 25, 2012
A means to call in sick by using a cell phone.
Leonard text in sick again today he doesn't have the the guts to talk directley to the boss.
by Ceabel January 17, 2012

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