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3 definitions by Cbuc

The hero of Final Fantasy Tactics who happens to look like a lady for 3/4 of the game ... A sexy lady.
Me: "Dude, is it just me or is Ramza hot?"

Dude: "No comment."
by Cbuc December 22, 2005
29 8
80's band made famous for their hit single "Pig and Elephant DNA Just Won't Splice"
You can't splice pig and elephant DNA. Haven't you ever heard that song by "Loverboy"?
by Cbuc December 24, 2005
102 97
Famous Cellist who left his multi-million dollar cello in a taxi.
Yo-Yo Ma is such a horse's arse whose Asian penis is inferior to my American one.
(If South Park proclaims it to be true, who am I to argue?)
by Cbuc December 24, 2005
14 54