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The dividing line between a country drifting away from it's original idea due to religious fanatics who would force the world to their beliefs. They believe in the untainted freedom of being an individual human. This includes the ridiculous rules put up by religion such as removing freedom of speech. Sure the KKK may be moronic bastards but from the definitions on this page, I think no more of religion. Sure NAMBLA may be disgraceful. But how right are Christians when they prohibit homosexual rights? The ACLU is the dividing line between being taken advantage of when the corruption of religion reaches the high ranks of power in this Nation's political system.

The ACLU believes in human rights and nothing more.
Me: "The ACLU sure is dandy!"
Self-conflicting moron: "They support the KKK!!"
Me: "They support their freedom of speech not the infliction of harm apon another human. This is obvious as they defend those harmed by people of authority such as the Police."

Self-conflicting moron: "You support the KKK!!"
by Cavemandular July 15, 2009

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