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1) Home of the Blues
2) Birth place of Rock & Roll
3) Largest city in Tennessee
4) Southeastern most city in Tennessee
5) Most dangerous city in Tennessee
6) Most racially diverse city in Tennesse
7) Home to Fed Ex
8) Home to the Grizz
9) Home to the Red Birds
10) Home to the Tigers
11) Home to St. Jude
12) Home to Dyer's
13) Home to one of the nation's best zoos
14) a civil rights epicenter
15) the jewel of the south
I am proud to be a citizen of Memphis, Tn.
by Cave'n December 26, 2012
The act of a male stuffing his testicles inside the vagina or anus of a sexual partner and banging the hole with said testicles. This can be done while the penis is being used in the same hole or seperate hole or balls alone.
I was banging this chick and she looked bored, so I started sweedish meatballing her butt while we screwed.
by Cave'n December 05, 2012

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