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A simple girl who drinks far too much alcohol, but still is sexy because she has a pretty face
Kim, the new co-worker is quite Spriggs.
by Cavalier72 March 03, 2009
1. someone who is lovable, adorable and bursting with energy and positivity

2. someone very cute and huggable
A good friend is someone who displays perky-lurky qualities
by Cavalier72 March 03, 2009
An adult female with a sweet nature and loving disposition who is also very childlike. At times a bit surly and grumpy, other times a bit docile and milquetoast, but with a heart full of gold and ultimately lovable. A wonderful person.
Its not a surprise that Savannah can be a successful entrepreneur and yet get so wrapped up in 'Gilmour Girls' since she is veritable Eeyore. She is quite fortunate to know Tyler.
by Cavalier72 March 03, 2009

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