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A true god of online gaming. Especially first-person shooters.
If you see Rhamiel enter the server, run. Don't look. Just run.
by Cataphract_40 October 14, 2004
Aeronautical abbreviation for "Outside Air Temperature." Almost exclusively given in degrees Celsius.
"Lawrence Tower information Juliet time 2000 Zulu. Wind 300 @ 8. Visibility >10. Sky Scattered @ 1-2000. OAT 9. Dew point 2. Altimeter 30.07. Landing and departing runway 32. Advise on initial contact you have Juliet."
by Cataphract_40 November 28, 2004
One of the heaviest medium-weight Battlemechs, weighing in at 55 tons. Its primary loadout consists of one ER Large Laser, two Machine Guns, two LRM 5s, and one AC/10.

(Battletech Universe)
"Command...radar indicates a Bushwacker approaching from the west, range 972 meters and closing."
by Cataphract_40 March 05, 2005
Some word that two idiots are arguing about on urbandictionary.
Bo: grar, grar is my word, back off hobag.
Daisey: grar, lair, even tho ur ass it hott, grar Grar grarRrrRRr1!!1!
by Cataphract_40 September 27, 2004
A word invented my yours truly. Already taking on widespread use, it can be used to replace any noun in a sentnce, especially proper nouns.
"Take a fish. Bake it into a muffin. Tada! Scrodmuffin."
by Cataphract_40 October 04, 2004
Abbreviation for Ensemble Studios Online, the free multiplayer matchmaking service for Age of Mythology and its expansion pack, The Titans.

Used to have some bugs, but now works well.

Features chat rooms, online stats tracking, and of course, multiplayer game hosting and joining.
I wish to dominate mine foes with the powers of Olympus! TO ESO!
by Cataphract_40 September 21, 2004

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