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Always looking for a sucker to take her in and for a quickbuck. Doesn't aspire to move out of the Hood thinks living in the Hood is ganstah. When attempting to get a job she will go to the local neighborhood stores such as, Clothing stores, MetroPCS, 99Cent stores LaundryMats, Daycares, BurgerKing, low budget restaurants etc. A dumb broad who doesn't have the brains to get a real job in the real world because the real world is not the Hood! Has fuck with mostly all her mans friends and even the Neighborhood Dyke. She loves to be in the hood and thinks being Hood makes you ganster, doesn't realize what a lozer she is. Her Idea of goin out is going to someones house to smoke weed or to the local peir to guess what? Smoke weed because she thinks smoking weed makes her a Ganster. Defenition of a Pitiful neighborhood LOSER!
Hoodrat, smutt, whore, cumbucket, loser.
by Cassie39928 August 05, 2011
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