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Zidan (Zidane, Z'idan) means spirtuality or adds up to. Arabic, African and French. Zidan is english spelling of name and Zidane is french way of spelling this name.
Zidan means spirtuality.
by cassandra79 February 04, 2012
Acronym for "pervy little Asian guy." Short, bookish wannabe-ballers of Asian descent, often working in tech industry. Excessive hair product. Propensity for anime avatars, upskirting the hired help at car shows, downloading porn at work, posing for pics with dancers at strip clubs that are subsequently posted on their MySpace profile. Consider themselves really cutting-edge for violating workplace sexual harassment policies. Generally get away with it, as they're short, Asian, and thus considered completely non-threatening.
Ugh, Winston gives me the creeps with all those smutty cartoons he sends to the company listserve. Only a PLAG like him could do that stuff and have it passed off as harmless.
by Cassandra79 November 09, 2007

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