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A curiously addicting simulation game by Maxis, in which one creates and controls an enviorment modeled after our own, giving one a "God-like" power.

This game allows you to build characters (called Sims), which includes customizing their clothing, personality (and thus, zodiac signs), careers, and homes.

All Sims speak in their own interesting, nonsensical language, which is conveyed also by convenient "bubbles" over their heads that express fascinating topics such as skiing, ufos, economics, or perhaps food.

Unlike today's society, Sims are not restricted by gender, sexual orientation, appearance, nor skin color, although they may not be very bright. Sims face many obstacles throughout their days, such as going through doorways when another Sim is in their path-- often leaving them utterly baffled and confused. They also have a tendency to leap to their death when there is a kitchen fire, for they cannot resist the need to run toward it and express their terror and fear in the form of screaming, flailing, and thought bubbles.
The Sims scenario
Sim 1: Oh my. What is this quaint contraption? Ah! A doorway! Oh, what's this? Why, another Sim is in the doorway! How ever will I pass? Surely I couldn't just squeeze by, or ask Mortimer to move, for I am but a humble Sim, and cannot manage such a feat! Therefore I will just stand here and shrug repeatedly until I am manually placed elsewhere by my Master.
by Casey St.John September 04, 2005
A blonde, corporate puppet who continues to embarass herself by spawning horrid music and Hilary Propaganda (brought to you by Wal-Mart and other fine retailers). Like other mediocre actors and actresses who were spoon-fed fame and fortune, she was easily able to obtain a record deal without any actual talent on her behalf. But with the help of digital altering and makeup artists, of course, she managed to be successful, at the expense of those of us with fragile ears and a decent taste in music.

She has a relatively large cult following of pubescent fangirls, which began with her very cliche, ridiculous television show on Disney called "Lizzie McGuire", in which she (attempts) to portray the stereotypical, melodramatic teenager.

Teenybopper: Hilary Duff is my hero! Do you like Hilary Duff, friend?
Myself: No, no I do not, sheep.
by Casey St.John September 04, 2005

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