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1. Driving intoxicated under the influence of excessive amounts of alcohol, resulting in either:

A) A non fatal car crash.
B) Getting pulled over by the police.

2. Washed out comedian/actor. His current job title is being a "celebrity alcoholic."
1. A) Mitchell grabbed his drunken, friend Brad's keys before he could pull a Tim Allen.

B) All those whiskeys on the rocks James consumed had caused him to veer over the bulevard and Tim Allen his car into another SUV.

C) "Oh f*ck! The cops dude... I'm totally gonna get Tim Allen'd here.

2. As Tim Allen gulped back his fourth tripple whisky and water, he watched re-runs of "Home Improvement" reminiscing on the good ol' days...
by Casbar Gomez the 3rd October 03, 2005

1. A fairly juicy, oval shaped mole resembling a "burnt rice crispie."

2. Rare rice crispie (though they're in almost every box!), blackened by its burn.
1. Patrick Mason had a trance enducing burnt rice crispie resting on his neck.

2. Huey picked out the burnt rice crispies from his cereal and tried to stick them under the table like most things...
by Casbar Gomez the 3rd October 04, 2005
(n.) An omlette lacking all ingredients that define it as an "omlette" and substituting them with simply salt, pepper, and the icing on the cake (in this case, the icing on the eggs): Frank's Red Hot Sauce!

1. "I couldnt afford any cheese or anything else to make an omlette, so I proceeded to make a fromlette by drowning my eggs in Frank's Red Hot Sauce."

2. "Damn Carl... What the hell is this fiery red mess you're trying to serve me??!" asked Duncan.

"It's a Fromlette mang." responded Carl.
by Casbar Gomez the 3rd October 04, 2005
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