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5 definitions by Carson Lynch

The best TV show ever. If you disagree, especially if you've never watched it, then I will fucking kill you.
Random Dude: "I don't like Lost, but I've never watched it."
Me: "Oh really bitch?!" (Kills Guy #1)
by Carson Lynch July 13, 2006
noun, The term used to represent the event any man, including myself, despises: Getting an erection in public, usually when in an open area and/or near many other people. The victim generally walks like an old guy, seems to be weilding a very large gerbil in their pants, or simply tries to think of gory, morbid, discusting, non-arousing things to get rid of The Surpriser Riser. Usually, when the man may be ok with having an erection later, as he is alone, he will not get one. Until he goes out in public again.
"Oh, fuck! Not The Surpriser Riser again!"
by Carson Lynch July 13, 2006
To be googly-wowed is to be truly and happily shocked or amused by something or someone exceptionally stunning or beautiful.
"Googly-Wow man! Carmen Electra leaves me Googly-Wowed!"
by Carson Lynch July 13, 2006
1. noun, The penis as it leaves it's state of erection when the owner of the penis does not want it to. For opposites, see The Surpriser Riser.

2. proper noun, The pharmecutical (sp) company that makes medicine to reduce erections; the anti-viagra.
1. "Damn you shrinker! GET BACK UP THERE!"

2. "I can't walk. I need to take some The Shrinker Pills."
by Carson Lynch July 13, 2006
adj. If an object or person is Chuck Norrisized, they are particularly large, either in mass, or in meaning. They are usually heavy or extremely meaningful and helpful on the journey of everyone's life. All Chuck Norris fans should come to know this term.
"Holy shit! The big dipper is Chuck Norrisized! It's both physically large, and spiritually meaningful to me...I guess..."
by Carson Lynch July 13, 2006